ACME Referral Program

Our referral program has been designed to reward clients who help us get more customers through their recommendations. Acme Credit Consultants will pay you £100 (by BACs) when your referral will join to one of our packages and pay their second month’s fees.
Thank you for choosing us as your financial advisor and recommending us to other potential clients. We have come up with a referral scheme, intended to incentivize existing customers for referring us and helping us grow our business.
Although, your recommendations do mean us a lot that cannot be justified by any amounts, we have further added some great offerings as a part of our referral program.


The incentive is an important part of a customer referral program because we understand that it motivates the customers to act. As you develop incentives for your program, consider the following approaches.
To find the incentive that will best motivate your customer base, ask them. Ask them what they would want most from your organization.
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Not only do you receive £100 as a referral fee, but we also want to offer you something extra to make it even sweeter. If 3 of your referrals join Acme Credit Consultants Ltd in 2021 you get 4 months fee free services from us for January 2022 to December 2022. If 5 of your referrals join Acme Credit in 2021 you get 50%4 discount off your fees for January 2022 to December 2022. So how do you make a referral… It’s as simple as completing the form below and do not forget to complete your details so we can make sure you benefit from our referral scheme! Once again, thank you very much for your continued support and best wishes to you and your family.
The Acme Credit Referral Scheme is open and available to individuals who are registered with Acme Credit (“the referee”).
  1. Only valid for clients referred that sign up to Acme Credit Debt solution plan – monthly payment plan package. (Min. £30 paid for any other client referrals)
  2. Referrals need to be genuine and those previously provided do not count. For a referral to count we require full name, email and their telephone number. As matter of our policy we always advise those who have been referred who has given us their details.
  3. Maximum discount on 4 months fee cannot exceed £400
  4. Maximum discount of 50% yearly fee discount cannot exceed £600
  5. You must respond within 30 days of a request for your bank details to receive the referral fee
  6. Referral Payments are only made to current clients who are either paying full fees
  7. Clients will not receive a referral payment for referring themselves.
  8. It is the referee’s responsibility to contact their Robert Walters consultant in order to claim their referral gift.
We also request your support in referral scheme in following ways.
  • Share your positive experiences with our brand and services on social media.
  • Offer a referral when you see someone is looking for recommendations on social media.
We also request your ideas on how others can refer people to our business. We will make a gift reward of up to £100.00 (Costco Store Gifts) to our existing customers for a chosen referral idea by us.

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