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Experts Advice for Sole traders or limited company owners who are struggling to repay Bounce Back Loan repayments

If you’ve taken a bounce back loan and can’t it repay, you should declare that your business is insolvent and appoint a FCA certified debt advisor. They might suggest using a formal process to close your business.

The Bounce Back Loan Scheme (BBLS) offered emergency funding for companies and sole traders at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, and the Bounce back loan was instrumental in keeping many Ltd companies and the sole trader’ businesses afloat. A huge number of sole traders still experiencing financial distress, however, what happens if you

Cannot afford your Bounce Back Loan repayments?
Are you personally liable for the outstanding amount?
Affecting sole traders who cannot repay their Bounce Back Loan?

Your bounce-back lender is likely to demand full repayment of the loan. As you’re a sole trader without the protection of incorporation (Limited company liability act as a separate entity in companies house) your business debts are your debts, and you are likely to be pursued through the courts on a personal level which means debt collection companies are likely to be involved in collection of BBLs repayment. This could mean your lender may petition for your bankruptcy if you cannot afford to repay despite issuing you debt demand letters. The rules of the Bounce Back Loan Scheme do provide protection for your home and tangible assets you hold i.e. cars, jewelry, etc.

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How Do Bounce Back Loan (BBL) Repayments Work?

In acknowledgment of the continuous difficulty businesses are facing due to Covid-19,Mr.  Rishi Sunak– Chancellor amended bounce-back loans to allow an additional four years in which to repay. Other options under the Pay As You Grow initiative enabled borrowers to take a six-month payment holiday, and/or make interest-only payments for six months.
The UK government’s guarantee doesn’t apply to borrowing businesses and sole traders, however. This applies to the lender only, who must chase payment of the outstanding amounts before they can trigger the guarantee.

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Consider A Formal And Informal Debt Solution

A formal debt solution (Bankruptcy, IVA, and DRO) must be considered very carefully as it may impact your property, job, social status and can restrict your freedom of living with a manageable monthly budget. Please seek an expert debt advisor’s advice before choosing any formal debt solution plan. Our office offers a free and confidential assessment of the suitability of a formal debt solution plan as it depends on various financial and assets matters around you.


Informal Debt Solution -Debt Management Plans

debt management plan in England and Wales can be effective if you are struggling to pay a sole trader to bounce back a loan. It aims to reduce your monthly repayment to your actual affordability to ensure your finances are within your control and it also protects that your priority bill payments are paid first.

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Please call on 0203 318 0990 for free and independent consultation for sole trader bounce back loan (BBL) and difficulty in repaying it. If you are a sole trader, facing a BBL loan can be difficult. Contact here to get your options and get free expert advice. Our office may arrange a free personal appointment (subject to availability) in our West Drayton (Uxbridge) office.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

If you find yourself unable to afford repayment of your Bounce Back Loan, it is important to take immediate action and communicate with your lender. While the specific outcomes can vary depending on your circumstances and the lender’s policies.
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Company directors are generally not personally liable for the repayment of Bounce Back Loans. The loan is issued to the company, and the company bears the responsibility for repayment. However, directors may be personally liable if they have provided a personal guarantee for the loan or have acted fraudulently. In cases of insolvency, directors’ liabilities may be examined, and they could be held personally responsible for the company’s debts if they have acted improperly. It is important for directors to understand their obligations and seek professional advice if needed.

If you have concerns or questions, it is recommended to seek professional advice from Our debt advisor or legal expert. Call at  07779648018

No, you can not dissolve a company with a bounce back loan.

To clear your Bounce Back Loan, you need to follow these steps:

Contact your lender: Get in touch with your lender to determine the outstanding balance and obtain accurate information regarding repayment.

Discuss repayment options: Engage in a conversation with your lender to explore available repayment options. They will provide guidance on how to clear the loan based on your financial situation.

Agree on a repayment plan: Work with your lender to establish a repayment plan that suits your needs. This may involve making regular monthly payments or negotiating for an extended repayment period.

Make regular payments: Follow the agreed-upon repayment plan and ensure you make regular payments on time. This will help you gradually clear the loan.

Remember, it is important to communicate directly with your lender as they can provide specific instructions and guidance tailored to your situation.

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Yes, you can defer payments on your Bounce Back Loan (BBL). When you take out a BBL, there is a 12-month repayment holiday, which means you won’t have to make any payments during that time. It gives you temporary relief from making repayments. However, it’s important to keep in mind that interest will still accumulate during this period. After the repayment holiday ends, you will need to start repaying the loan. It’s always a good idea to stay updated with the latest information from your lender or official sources regarding any changes or updates to the repayment terms.
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Repayment terms for a Bounce Back Loan include a loan duration of six years, a 12-month repayment holiday, and a fixed interest rate of 2.5% per annum. 

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Are you having problem paying back your bounce back loan (bbl)? 
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Yes, Will will help you to pay bbl.

Are you having problem paying back your bounce back loan (bbl)? 
Call us right away for solution.

Yes, Customers who have taken out a Bounce Back Loan now have the opportunity to request an extension of their loan term. This extension allows them to stretch the repayment period from six years to ten years, all while maintaining the original fixed interest rate of 2.5%. As a result, borrowers can benefit from reduced monthly repayments for a six-month period by opting to pay only the interest. Remarkably, this option can be exercised up to three times throughout the duration of the loan.

Moreover, another helpful provision is the option to take a repayment holiday, which grants borrowers a respite from repayments for up to six months. This temporary break provides some breathing space for businesses that may be facing financial difficulties or experiencing a slow recovery.

These measures aim to provide greater flexibility and support to borrowers of Bounce Back Loans, allowing them to better manage their financial obligations during challenging times.. Call us for more information. 

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If you default on your Bounce Back Loan, your lender may take action against you, such as taking you to court. If you are found to be in default, you may be ordered to pay the full amount of your loan, plus interest and any other fees.

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