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Do I have to pay council tax?

The simple and quick of it is that YES it is true that you have to pay council tax. But there are some exemptions, and you may have the right to reduced amounts you are required to pay.

As we’ve said before the council tax you pay is calculated according to the worth of your house and if you feel you’re paying for the wrong amount you may ask for the tax to be reassessed.

But, even though this could mean you pay lower taxes, it might be discovered that the tax band you pay to council isn’t enough and you’re requested for a higher amount!

In certain circumstances, properties could be exempted from paying council tax. This includes the following situations:

  • The house is vacant because of a death
  • All residents are full-time , full-time students.
  • This property belongs to a non-profit organization
  • All residents are younger than 18 years of age.
  • It’s a home that is self-contained where the resident lives.
  • All residents suffer from serious mental impairments
  • The property is vacant as the tenant is taken care of elsewhere.

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How do I pay council tax and when do I have to pay it?

Typically, the payments are spread out over 10 months, which gives you two months of break between March and February before the new bill is due for the next year.

If you decide to pay your council tax over a period of 12 months you won’t get the tax deduction, however the installments will be lower each month.

Most people pay council tax by Direct Debit or standing order. You can, however, pay by telephone, via bank transfer or cheque.

Can I get a council tax reduction?

If you do not fall within one of the categories exempt from tax it is possible be eligible for tax cut. This is typically offered to people who reside with someone not exempted from paying council taxes or reside on their own, receive benefits, live on very low incomes or experiencing financial hardships that are extreme.

You may be eligible to receive a reduced council tax if have one of the benefits listed below:

  • Jobseekers Allowance
  • Income Assistance
  • Pension Credit
  • Work and Support Allowance
  • Universal Credit

Even if you’re not receiving any of the eligible benefits however, you may still be eligible for a tax deduction from your council under certain circumstances, for example, those who are students or if you suffer from disabilities (or someone who has one) or have a serious mental impairment.

To determine if you are eligible to be eligible for a council tax deduction go to the website of the Government for more information..

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What happens if I get into the council tax arrears?

A majority of people pay council tax on a monthly basis If you fail to make an installment, your local authority will contact you with an alert. You will be given seven days to pay for the missed installment.

If you do not pay your tax within the time frame, you’ll be required to settle all outstanding council tax due within the next seven days. If you fail to pay this amount the tax authorities may pursue legal actions against you.

At present, they hold the authority to collect unpaid taxes from your wages. If you’re receiving benefits the council could take the council tax unpaid from these benefits.

Councils can also direct bailiffs to take possession of your property to collect tax debts. (But keep in mind that when they’re visiting on their first visit, you do not have to admit them.)


Do you have to go to prison in arrears of council tax?

In the worst case scenario the non-payment of council tax debts could result in a jail sentence. You could end up in prison for up to three months if the court determines there is no valid reason to avoid paying the council tax and you are unable to pay it. 

Council Tax Liability Order

If you’re in arrears on council tax, your local authority may also ask for a liability order which will add PS40 on top of your amount and you’ll be summoned in the court of magistrates.

It’s not necessary to be present, but it’s a chance to discuss the reasons behind the reason you’re unable to pay. 

How can you keep yourself out of the debt incurred by council tax?

Being in debt due to the council tax is an easy error to make. Moving houses or losing post could result in not receiving your invoice, which could mean that you are paying the incorrect amount.

Set an outline of your budget

The best way to remain on the top on your tax bill is to ensure that you budget for it every month. The amount you pay will be a set amount which is why you need to set it aside to ensure that it is paid.

Make sure that everyone is covered for their council tax obligations.

If you’re sharing the cost with other residents of the building, you must make sure that they’ve also paid their portion before the due date. ensure you’re not in the dark.

Contact your local council

If you’re not able to make the payments by the end of the calendar year, you should determine what you can afford , and then talk to with your authority local to inquire. It is possible to split the cost over a period of 12 months rather than the normal ten, in monthly or weekly installments.

Can the debt of council tax be eliminated?

Yes you can write off tax due to council however it is contingent on how you decide to handle the debts that you’ve accumulated.

Local authorities are typically quick to take legal action for outstanding dues. If you’ve accumulated taxes due to your council the council could seek an County Court Judgment (CCJ) to oblige you to pay. If this occurs you must consult with a debt advisor immediately.

Tax debts from the council are included in some debt solutions, including an Individual Voluntary Agreement.

The formal solution to debt such as an IVA will stop any charges and interest on your debts as well in defending you against legal actions.

If the local authority is able to approve your IVA at the time of your meeting with creditors and you continue to pay the monthly IVA payment, you can count on a portion of your debts incurred through council tax are wiped clean as part of your total debt write-off at close of your agreement.


Where can I find advice on debt and other information regarding council tax?

For those who have financial issues paying the council tax can be a major problem, especially since it’s a prioritized debt. Failure to pay can be a serious issue.

If you’re having trouble paying taxes on councils and require assistance with your debt, contact Acme Credit today for a private chat or click the link below to determine if you’re eligible to receive debt assistance.

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