How to Fill County Court Claim Form

Have you received a County Court Claim Form & stressed about what to do next? Do not worry! Our detailed guide on How to Fill the County Court Claim Form will help you out of it.
We have covered all necessary information you would need to know about County Court Claim Form & the process involved.

County Court Claim Form

You get 2 weeks to complete and return the County Court Claim Form N9A or N9B back to the creditor, however the court permits a couple of days added to the claim pack to reach you. The exact due date depends on which court released the claim. If you do not have time to reply by post, you can normally respond online via the money claim portal, or apply for an extension using the “Acknowledgement of Service” form.
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Our Complete Guide on How to Fill County Court Claim Form

What occurs next?

When you have actually returned your county court claim forms, the lender or court must settle on an amount you can manage to pay in the direction of your CCJ, based upon the details you provide on the forms N9, N9A and N9B.
The monthly affordable and agreed payment will normally be paid to discharge acceptable claim liabilities.
If you keep up with the order by paying the correct amount on time, any kind of further recovery by your claimant is restricted. If you are a homeowner the creditor may apply for a charging order to secure the debt against your home, however, apart from this no enforcement action can be taken against you.
If you do not return the forms on time or the monthly repayment amount, the amount the court sets is too high and unaffordable. You are advised to read our recommendations on managing a CCJ to understand what your alternatives are when taking care of a CCJ.

How does a CCJ affect me?

One of the most typical questions individuals ask is about how long a CCJ lasts.
Your CCJ will certainly show on your credit report for six years at the Public records section of your report, and will likely affect your ability to take out an additional credit facility, as lending institutions will have the ability to see that you have a CCJ registered in your name.
Because of this, having a CCJ on your credit report makes it tougher to get more credit, however, one of the most crucial points is that you secure free debt suggestions to manage your repayments. Once you are back in control, you can take action to fix your credit report and scoring.
Your CCJ will additionally be included in a database called the Register of Judgments, Orders and fines within a month. The register is run by a business called Registry Trust and courts send them information of all brand-new CCJs.

What happens if I cannot afford my CCJ?

If you really did not return the county court claim form in time or you have actually been asked to pay more than you can afford this might trigger problems, however you still have two choices available:
  1. Apply to change the agreed terms, if you cannot afford to pay them
  2. Apply to have the CCJ set aside or terminated if it should not be issued at first place, Use form Application notice (Form -N244) to request for varying the order.
Both of these options are discussed in our section on what to do if you cannot pay a CCJ

Can I Get a CCJ While I am on a DMP or as a Token Payment Plan?

If you are on an informal debt solution plan, it confirms your positive attitude towards paying your debt; however, you can still get a CCJ if you are on a debt management plan.
If you are on a token payment plan, your creditors will realize that you cannot afford to make bigger repayments in the direction of your debts. Although they can still take court action against you, it is not likely that the court will certainly ask you to pay more.
People who are living in their own property, have other assets, and continue to pay debts via token payment plan. It is likely that your creditors would prefer to issue a CCJ against you. Therefore, they could secure their debt and force you to pay more towards existing debt or they may issue charging orders to secure their debt on your property or instruct bailiffs for debt recovery.
If you receive forms for a CCJ, do not panic. As long as you deal with the forms promptly, it is a straightforward process.

Help and guidance with a CCJ.

If you have actually received a CCJ as well as you are not sure what to do, we can help. We can supply expert advice on the County Court claim process as well as exactly how to manage a CCJ.
We can additionally recommend debt solutions to help you manage your debt worries and give you impartial, practical advice and real debt solutions regarding just how to deal with your debt problems.

The County Court Claim Form process

If a creditor has begun court action, you need to take care of it quickly. However, we can aid you.
If you receive a County Court Claim Form, you have just over two weeks to react. It is extremely essential to respond in the timeframe offered, as if you do not the court might issue you to pay the debt back at a monthly payment you may not afford, and this can bring about further “enforcement” action.

Completing a County Court Claim Form

The forms you require to complete will certainly depend upon whether you agree that you owe the debt or otherwise:

I confirm/agree that the amount on the claim form (N9) is right.

In most cases, the amount the creditor is asserting you owe will certainly be right, however you will not have the ability to pay it off in one go, so you will need to request settlements in affordable instalments.
To request payments in instalments, you need to fill in and return the admission type. This has the title “Admission” (Form N9A) at the top and the form number in the footer of the form.
This form requests details of your income, living costs, other debts as well as an offer of repayment. Your lender will certainly use this information to determine if your offer of repayment is reasonable. If the claimant does not agree with your offer, the court will certainly make the final decision.
The N9A should be sent back to the claimant or the Creditor Solicitor at the address shown on the N1 I claim form. Do not send it to the court.

The amount on the claim form is wrong, or I do not owe the debt amount claimed

Often the amount a claimant claims may not be right, or you do not actually owe the money. As an example, this takes place when the claimed amount does not belong to you, or you did not have any form of contact with the creditor for a number of years and also they’re out of time to start court action because the financial obligation has actually come to be statue law barred.
If you do not agree with the amount declared you can defend and counter claim by returning the “Defence and counterclaim” form N9B.
Defending a case can be complicated. You may be required to give more information as well as you’ll typically need to go to a hearing at county court hearing centre, typically closer to the defendant postal area.
Sometimes, additional expenses might be added if the ruling judge does not accept your defence.

You need to only return the N9B if you have an authentic factor to challenge the amount asserted in a claim form. We strongly suggest you obtain suitable debt advice before defending county court claims. So contact us for help if you are considering this option.

Call us for debt help

Remember, if you believe the amount is wrong or the debt is not your own, this is an extra complicated situation, so contact us for recommendations.

As you complete your N9A admission form, make sure that:
The information you give in the form is as clear and exact as possible.

When should I return filled forms to court?

You have 2 weeks to obtain the completed N9A back to the creditor, but the court allows a few days added to the claim pack to get to you. The exact due date depends on which court issued the claim:
Northampton County Court Business Centre (CCBC) – The target date is 19 days from the issue day published on the N1 claim form.
Any other County Court hearing centre, the deadline is 2 weeks from the day you received the claim form. The court presumes it takes two working days for forms to get there by post so in practice you have 16 days from the postmark on the envelope.
If you are safeguarding the case and you require added time, for instance to get further advice on completing the N9B form, you can return the “Acknowledgement of Service” form in the claim forms pack. As long as you send this back to the court before the initial 19 or 16-day issue date, you will get an extra 2-week (Total 28 days).

Completing forms online

If you do not have time to respond by post, you can usually reply online.
Check the N1 insurance claim form, and if it includes login details to reply on-line you can do this by visiting money Claim Online. If you need help, Please, call our office and our team can certainly help.
The deadline to respond is the same as if you were returning the forms by post. This can be valuable if you are close to the due date and do not have time to obtain your forms back to the claimant or court by post.

Returning CCJ claims forms

When you are returning your CCJ claims forms, it is very important to keep a few facts in your mind.
See to it you send your forms to the correct address. If you are just returning the N9A admission form, this goes to the creditor /claimant. Send it to the address for sending out documents which shows up on the N1 claim form. This could be the creditors or their solicitors. Do not send out the N9A to the court. If you are defending the claim and sending the N9B back, your form requires going to the issuing court.
If you have actually made use of any added sheets, connect these to the N9A form by stapling them. You likewise need to write your name as well as the claim number plainly at the top of each sheet.
If you have included more than one page, clearly number everyone, as an example 1 of 3, 2 of 3 and so forth.
Copy the N9A form before you send it and maintain the copy for your records.
Send your completed forms by recorded delivery as well as keep an evidence of postage receipt. Kindly request the Post Office counter for a receipt of postage to confirm you have actually posted the form.

What occurs if I miss the due date to return my CCJ FORMS?

If you have actually missed the deadline to return the N9A admission form, your lender can ask the court for a CCJ with repayments at a price they choose. Usually they will ask for the full payment to be made instantly or forthwith.
If you are only a few days late you should still complete the N9A and send it to your creditor. It is possible they will not have actually called the court as soon as the due date passed, so they might take into account your N9A. You cannot rely on this, however, as some claimants will certainly act right away so a late N9A will certainly be overlooked, so constantly aim to get your forms returned in a timely manner.

What follows after you sent claim forms?

As soon as you have returned your N9A admission form, the creditor/claimant will decide whether to accept your proposed repayment. If they agree, it is reasonable the creditor will ask the court to set the CCJ repayments at the repayment amount you have actually offered.
If your creditor does not agree with your offer, they will send your admission form to the court to choose. A court officer or county Court judge will certainly determine a practical amount of repayment, based on the info you have included in your N9A admission and what rate of settlement the lender has actually informed the court they desire.