County Court Judgement

A County Court judgment (CCJ) is a legal directive that requires you to settle a debt or payment you owe to a financial creditor. This is one step among many that your creditors may take as part of the debt recovery process.

County Court Judgement

If you receive a County Court Judgement claim form, you have simply 14 days to respond. It is crucial to respond in the time frame provided, as if you do not; the court can order you to pay the financial debt back at a rate you cannot manage and this could cause more enforcement activity. It is also called as “Judgement in Default.

A CCJ can only be obtained in England or Wales; the court procedures used by creditors in Northern Ireland and Scotland operate differently.

If you’ve been served with a County Court Judgment claim form, stay calm. When a lender initiates legal proceedings, it’s important to address it promptly.
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County Court Judgement

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You received a “Letter of Claim”?

Before proceeding with a County Court Judgment, the party making the claim must first send you a “Letter of Claim.” This letter outlines their intention to pursue the matter through the courts and includes specifics about their financial claim against you.

If you’ve just been sent a letter of claim intent, stay calm. You’ve got 30 days to respond. However, it’s crucial to reply within this timeframe, as failing to do so could lead to your creditor taking legal action.

Reply to the creditor on your County Court Judgement

Please fill out the attached financial statement to discuss repayment options if you’re unable to settle the debt in full.

Let the creditor know you are seeking suitable debt advice.

Demand even more details from the creditor concerning the debt, if you require it.
If you and your lender/creditor/claimant can agree a settlement plan from your feedback, court activity can be prevented.

Recognizing Northampton County Court (CCBC) and various other County Court forms

Your financial institution must have provided written notice beforehand if they plan to initiate county court judgment proceedings. According to the Consumer Credit Act, you should have received a default notice regarding the debt before court action can commence.
When your creditor initiates legal proceedings, you’ll typically become aware of it when you receive court claim forms (specifically, the Four Pages N9 Form). If this happens, it’s crucial to act swiftly. Therefore, it’s important to update your address with financial institutions and promptly open your mail upon receipt.
If you’ve received claim forms that seem to be from a county court, compare them to the claim pack. If they meet all these criteria, you’ve indeed received a “County Court Claim Pack,” signaling that your lender has sought a County Court judgment (CCJ).
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County Court Judgement Forms

There are four forms consisted of, with the following main headings published at the top:
They are generally published on white or blue-and-white paper, with the form name at the top and the claim number in the bottom right-hand man edge.
The claim form, admission form and defense forms, all have the following in the leading right corner:

If the forms you have received do not have all these functions, you should get in touch with the creditor or the court that sent it to you as well as inquiries regarding it, or contact us for our recommendations and further immediate help.