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What is the best way in managing your debt -Debt Solutions

Debt Solutions, Our expert at ACME will consult you and relieve your debts to help rebuild a brighter financial future.
We recognize that it is diligent work scratching together money wherever conceivable to pay a debt. ACME credit consultants would like to advise on every step you should take in clearing your debt by offering you a suitable debt solution.
An ideal approach in managing your debt is through a debt solution plan. A debt solution plan is an agreement between you and your creditors to pay a small rate each month.

The debt management plan could be fitting if you are:

  • You are simply starting to fall behind in instalments, or can see this will be the situation soon on the off chance that you do not decrease your costs.
  • You have good or average credit and you are routinely paying your utility bills on time. Yet never have enough to gain some huge ground towards disposing of the debt.
  • Your debt accounts are belated and have been assigned to collection agencies. Creditors are contacting you frequently, and your credit scores had deteriorated sharply.

DMP Benefits

  1. We begin by agreeing on a monthly household budget. You pay what you can afford goes to your creditors. In turn, creditors set a reasonable instalment.
  2. Creditors will stop contacting with notices and collection calls.
  3. Interest and charges will be frozen or reduced. So that each payment will only go toward the outstanding debt.
  4. ACME will handle all paperwork and direct dealing with your creditors. Hence, negotiate to reduce the payment.
    The idea of contacting your creditors on any debts that may be accumulating may be daunting at first, but it is our duty to restore any loss of hope of expelling your debts through our plans.
    It is our job to create a plan that will sustainably relieve any existing debts and prevent any problems arising in the future.

Debt Management – FAQs


Mr Sidharth Thapa is working in a Financial service environment and the views expressed are entirely his own.


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