Dealing With Debt Problems During Covid-19

Do you owe HMRC any VAT, PAYE/CIS, Corporation Tax or Self-Assessment?

Due to COVID-19, the UK government and HMRC have given businesses and individuals various forms of help with regards to their taxes (VAT, PAYE/CIS, Corporation Tax, Self-Assessment, etc.).

Dealing With Debt Problems During Covid-19
However, HMRC are now chasing again and saying that you must start paying your VAT, PAYE, Corporation Tax and Self-Assessment as normal, and also pay back any arrears that you have built up.

Trying to get through to someone at HMRC can be extremely difficult and time consuming. When you finally do get through, the help you receive can vary wildly depending on who you get through to.

At Acme Credit Consultants, we have been dealing with HMRC for businesses and individuals who have arrears of VAT, PAYE/CIS, Corporation Tax and Self-Assessment for over 18 years. We have the direct lines for many HMRC departments and we know what to say, and just as importantly what not to say, to ensure that we can get a long payment plan (years).

We deal with your tax arrears while you repay your current month and future tax liabilities on time .

If you are in arrears with your tax, then please visit our website to see how we can help, or ring us on 0208 568 9687 , 0203 318 0990 or WhatsApp @ 07779648018.

Our lines are open 24/7, and you will never be placed in a queue or be sent to voicemail.

We can get you a payment plan to repay your HMRC arrears over many years and with no repayments for at least the current month.

Are you already in a payment plan that you are struggling with? Either with the monthly payment plan payments or struggling to pay ongoing VAT and PAYE. For lots of businesses we have re-negotiated existing payment plans to either reduce the monthly payments and/or include some new debt.

We can also help with other HMRC issues. Please have a look at our website for more information.


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