Removing a CCJ for a Parking Ticket

How to Get Rid of a CCJ for a Parking Ticket

A County Court Judgment (CCJ) hanging over your head due to a parking ticket can feel like an insurmountable roadblock. However, with the right approach and guidance, you can navigate your way to financial recovery. In this comprehensive guide, I will outline the steps to effectively remove a CCJ linked to a parking ticket, ensuring a smoother journey towards financial stability.

Removing a CCJ for a Parking Ticket

What is a CCJ for Parking Fines

A CCJ is a court order that holds individuals accountable for settling a debt. When it comes to parking tickets, it signifies that you have failed to address a Parking Charge Notice (PCN), prompting legal action against you. Let’s delve into the critical steps to remove this CCJ from your record:

Initiate Contact with the Parking Management Company:

Your first step should be reaching out to the private parking management company that issued the PCN. Open and constructive communication can often lead to a resolution.

Offer to Pay in Full:

Many parking management companies are open to cooperation, especially if you propose to pay the full CCJ amount. This pragmatic approach can expedite the removal process.

Consent Order:

If both parties agree to resolve the matter, you can propose a consent order to the court. Once approved by the court, this agreement will result in the removal of the CCJ from your credit file.

Potential Legal Actions by the Parking Company:

Ignoring the CCJ may lead the parking company to escalate the situation, potentially seeking debt enforcement actions, including involving bailiffs. This step can add significant fees to your debt.

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Removing a CCJ from Your Credit File

Eliminating a CCJ related to a parking ticket from your credit file is essential to restore your financial health. Here’s how you can achieve this:

Application to Set Aside Judgment:

To remove a CCJ, you can apply to the court for a judgment to be set aside. Collaborating with the parking company can increase the likelihood of the court granting this request, often facilitated through a consent order.

Consult a Certified Debt Advisor:

Seeking guidance from a certified debt advisor, like myself, Rajnish Tyagi, is highly recommended. Debt advisors possess the expertise to navigate the intricate legal processes involved in CCJ removal, offering personalized advice based on your unique situation.

Settle the Outstanding Debt:

While contesting the fairness of the parking charge is an option, it’s vital to weigh the costs and benefits. Often, paying the full CCJ amount is the most practical solution to expedite its removal.

Court’s Endorsement:

Once the court endorses the consent order or approves your application to set aside the judgment, the CCJ will be removed from your credit file.

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Impact of a CCJ on Your Credit Score

A CCJ resulting from an unpaid parking fine can significantly damage your credit score. Although the initial parking ticket itself may not directly affect your credit, a CCJ certainly can. This financial setback remains visible on your credit file for six years, posing challenges to your financial endeavors.

CCJ for Unpaid Council Parking Fines

It’s worth noting that the process for council-issued parking tickets is different. While you may not receive a CCJ for unpaid council parking fines, you can be served with an Order for Recovery. This court order typically gives you 21 days to pay the outstanding amount, after which bailiff action may be initiated if you fail to comply.

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Dealing with a CCJ for a parking ticket can be a daunting prospect, but it’s essential to recognize that there are paths to resolution. Engaging in open dialogue with the parking management company, offering to settle the debt, and seeking a consent order through court action can lead to the removal of the CCJ from your credit file.

Consulting with a certified debt advisor, such as myself, Rajnish Tyagi, can provide invaluable assistance in navigating the complex process of CCJ removal. Taking proactive steps to address the issue not only clears your financial record but also opens doors to better financial opportunities in the future.

While receiving a parking ticket may be frustrating, addressing it promptly and responsibly is essential to avoid the long-lasting consequences of a CCJ on your credit score. Your financial well-being is worth the effort required to remove this financial burden from your life, allowing you to continue your journey towards financial freedom.


A parking ticket generally won’t show on your credit record unless it escalates to a County Court Judgment (CCJ).

To get a CCJ removed, you can apply for a “certificate of satisfaction” if you’ve paid within a month, or wait six years for it to be automatically removed.

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Parking fines themselves usually don’t affect your credit rating. However, if they escalate to a CCJ due to non-payment, it can impact your credit.

Yes, your credit score may improve when a CCJ is removed, as it eliminates a negative mark on your credit history.


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