Debt Management – A Suitable Option For Individuals Struggling To Repay Small To Medium Level Of Debt

Debt Management – A Suitable Option for Individuals Struggling to Repay Small to Medium Level of Debt

Debt Management is an effective solution for individuals, struggling with mental /psychological harassment of debt recovery companies for debt repayment. Also, it is a suitable solution for those who have small to medium levels of debt. It is hard to ignore large font recovery letters, court action threats and debt recovery call during daytime and sometimes odd morning and evening hours.

If you are struggling with debt problems, Do not let debt allow you to affect your personal and professional life. There are a number of debt solutions available for you from government-backed charity organizations like Step change, Citizen Advice Bureau and National Debt Line.

If you want more personal and dedicated services, you should consider fee-charging debt management companies who charge fees for their effective customer services and work, as per the client’s instruction.

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suitable solution for small to medium level debt


PPI CLAIMS-MIS-SOLD POLICIES (Claim now or lose the chance to Claim ever)

The main aim of PPI policies is to cover mortgage or loan repayments if the policyholder is unable to work for a specified period of time through accident, sickness or unemployment.

Banks, Insurance companies  and other financial institutions like CPP have sold millions of policies along with financial products like Personal Loans, Credit Cards, HP Agreements, Protection covers, Store Cards and Bank account optional protection insurance.

It has been reported by the courts in the UK that Banks have mis-sold millions of policies wrongly with partial customer knowledge. PPI holders have joined debt management plans due to lack of knowledge on PPI Claims and jeopardized their credit rating.

Anyone, who  has not claimed PPI Compensation, should not hesitate to call a regulated PPI Claim Company. Most of the companies in this industry are working on a no win fee basis.

Although, People can claim directly with banks for PPI Compensation but PPI Claim companies are suitable for those who want professional PPI Claim process, no upfront cost and no win no fee option to the customers and thus saving the customer’s time and initial cost/time/ paperwork/postage/filling forms/FOS dealing etc. by directly dealing with banks and financial institutions.

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Mortgage – This is the time to pull your socks up before the New Mortgage scheme is pulled out

One third of people planning to take their first step on the property ladder in the coming months say they are confused about how the new phase of the Government’s flagship Help to buy scheme works, research by a property website has found (Rightmove).

Lots of our inquiries come from new/existing  property buyers that do not understand the new phase of the Help to Buy scheme, which was launched in October to offer state-backed mortgages to people with deposits as low as 5 percent (5%).

In total, 29pc of those who told the website they intend to buy a home in the next 12 months said they will be first-time buyers, marking the highest proportion it has recorded in more than three years as the property market continues to gather pace.

Some housing market pundits have put the confusion over Help to Buy down to the fact that two schemes which work very differently have been launched under the Help to Buy banner.

The first is an equity loan scheme, which is also aimed at people with small deposits, but it can be used only for new-build homes. But the new mortgage-guarantee phase of the scheme can be used on either old or new properties. Both schemes are open to both first-time buyers and home movers.

While the Help to buy equity loan scheme is devolved, with countries within the UK introducing their own slightly different versions of it, the new phase of the scheme which launched in October is UK-wide.

“To give first-time buyers more of a chance to get on the property ladder, and help give potential movers higher up the chain the confidence to move again, the confusion needs to be addressed.”

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