County Court Judgment (CCJ) – What is it and What can you do if you get a County Court Claim Form?

What is a CCJ? A County Court judgment (CCJ) is a court order, which informs you to pay a loan or payment you owe towards a financial debt. It is just one of the actions your lenders can take, as one component of the debt…
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Debt Management – A Suitable Option for Individuals Struggling to Repay Small to Medium Level of Debt

Debt Management is an effective solution for individuals, struggling with mental /psychological harassment of debt recovery companies for debt repayment. It is hard to ignore large font recovery letters, court action threats and debt recovery calls during day time and sometimes odd morning and evening…
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Debt Management and Free Debt Advice

Introduction Some Debt Management Plan Providers also give debt advice, and it is important to adhere to it. If they do provide debt advice, this also comes under the FCA rules. Any debt advice a DMP provider gives you, should be in your best interests (read…
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