Looking for Improve your Credit  Score?


If you’ve successfully repaid your debts or have recently finished a debt solution, such as debt management plans: IVA, Bankruptcy, etc, then your credit rating or score has gone down. This implies you must now focus on improving it. 

How to check your Credit Report?


We recommend the top three websites that compile credit reports, often known as UK Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs).

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 Experian  Equifax ✓  TransUnion

You can either sign up for a 30-day free trial or pay £2 to obtain a copy of your legal credit report from these CRAs.

How do Credit Reporting Agencies Parameters your Credit Rating?


Your credit report typically included the following aspects:

 Lender databases.  The Insolvency Service ✓  The Registry Trust  The electoral roll  Details of joint loan with        your partner. ✓  etc.


What is a bad Credit Rating?

A bad credit score indicates that you have negative marks on your credit report that have resulted from defaults and late payments.




466 – 700

0 – 279

When Should you Check your Credit Report?

You most likely don't care much about your credit rating, and you've probably never checked it, but it's something you should attempt to keep track of on a regular basis. If you are planning the following, you should absolutely think about improving your credit score:

 Buying a home  Increasing your overdraft limit. ✓  want a job in the financial      sector  You're hoping to take on a      large credit product.

How to build up your Credit Report?

 Take your time  Do not apply for too many      products at the same time. ✓  Resolve any missteps on your     credit report.  Make timely and complete      repayments.  Investigate financial      depersonalization.  Try not to relocate too       frequently.  Check your report for any      illegal behavior.

Acme Credit Consultant can assist you in tackling any significant debts that need to be paid off before you take on any additional credit when it comes to rebuilding your credit rating.



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