Balance Transfer  Credit Cards 

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This is a particular type of credit card that allows cardholders to transfer their outstanding balances from one credit card to another. This can be an perfect way to consolidate debt, save on interest, and pay off your debt faster.

Shift debt from  expensive cards

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Top 7 Balance Transfer  Credit Cards 

0% interest balance transfer cards with the most extended offer.

1. Sainsbury’s Bank Credit Card 2. HSBC Balance Transfer Card 3. Santander Balance Transfer Credit Card 4. M&S Balance Transfer Plus offer Credit Card 5. Sainsbury’s Bank Credit Card 6. Santander Everyday No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Card 7.   HSBC UK

Here's a step-by-step guide to getting started

✔ Begin by looking for a card that matches your expectations. ✔ Check out the terms and conditions carefully. ✔ Apply to have your debt transferred to the new lender. Your new bank will transfer the balance for you. ✔ Close your previous account. ✔ Arranged a recurring direct debit to continue paying off your debt. ✔ Understand when the introductory period will end and when the lender will revert to the higher interest rate period.

How to Compare Balance Transfer Credit Cards?

Offer period: The longer the offer period, the more time you will have to repay your debt. Costs and fees: It can add up quickly, so carefully read the fine print. Evaluate the following guidelines: If you've been carrying debt for a long time and it's increasing month after month, you might not be approved. Rate of interest: Several more balance transfer credit cards offer 0% interest for a period of time before returning to the standard fee. If you haven't paid off your balance within that time frame, you'll be charged higher interest, so use the move as an incentive to do so.

Finally, remember that transferring your balance does not mean you have eliminated your debt. You will still need to make monthly payments on the transferred balance until it is paid off in full. But if you are diligent about making those payments and paying off your debt, a balance transfer can be an excellent tool to help get you out of debt sooner.

Keep in mind, what should you do?

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